Poker Promotion

If you wish to learn how to play poker, or just improve your poker skills, there are a few different ways to do it. If you don't want to wager any money, but still play poker, the majority of the online poker rooms offer games with play-money, also known as Free Poker. In these games you don't have to fear losing any real money and you can push all in with any hand.

However, this is also the problem with the play-money games. Too many players just don't take the game seriously. It is a good way to learn the rules of the game, but it won't make you a much better poker player

poker rules tournament

A better way to learn the game for free is to participate in "freeroll tournaments". A freeroll is a tournament with no entry-fee, but you can usually win cash prizes anyway. The possibility to win money in these tournaments makes the standard of the game higher than in play-money games. If you are looking for free online poker this is probably the best option.

Many poker rooms also have cash-games with micro stakes. You can deposit a couple of dollars and then play with pennies. Maybe it isn't free online poker, but it is very close.

But dot forget the classic way to practice your online poker skills; the poker home game. The best online poker players in the world often started playing in home games. When you gather a group of friends and start a game on the kitchen table you have fellow players to discuss poker strategy with. If you make a terrible call you can be sure someone will mention that you made a bad move. When you study the game, read books, watch poker on TV and have a regular home game you will improve your poker skills vastly.

To host a good poker home game you need to have some poker supplies. It is nice to have a poker table of some kind, or at least a felt to put on the kitchen table. This is not necessary, but it surely makes the game more professional. However, there is one thing you must have; a set of poker chips. Without that poker is almost impossible to play. Poker chips can be purchased everywhere nowadays, and they aren't that pricey. Another way to get a poker-chip set is to sign up to a poker room through a site that give you free poker gifts for playing online poker. One of the best sites of this type is PokerPromotion. If you sign up through them you will not only be able to play online poker, you will also get a free poker gifts.

Never underestimate the home game. That is how many of us learned to play the game. If you can combine free online poker with studies and poker games with your friends you will become a good poker player.